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Help – Be careful on Install

Pay attention ……. when  installing software programs.

Here’s the number one way to keep most junk from getting into your computer.


What I am referring to is that dizzying (by design) number of screens that come up when you’re installing a new hardware device or software program to your computer.

Most of you click on NEXT, NEXT, NEXT, I AGREE without really understanding what you just agreed to.

For example,  installing  printer software for HP  printers or all-in-ones.

During the installation,you may be presented with two choices for the installation: Recommended or Custom (‘for advanced users’ to scare you off).

The ‘Recommended’ option tried to make it sound like it was very important that you have what they recommended in order for everything to work properly.

Always choose the ‘Custom’ option, because I am very aware of the sneaky games that these companies play. When I chose the Custom option, the next screen showed the three items that would have been installed had I chosen the Recommended option (which I call the “I Don’t Care What You Do To Me” option).

The first item was the actual printer driver software, the second was a quality assurance customer feedback program and the third the Yahoo toolbar.

Two of the three items only benefit HP and adds additional bloat to your computer, but they are counting on you to be asleep at the wheel. (Simply remove the checkmarks in front of unwanted junk in the future!)

Yahoo essentially has a deal with HP to sneak their toolbar into computers via the software install process; HP is benefiting by fooling you into allowing this to happen.

In this one example, you would have ended up with two unnecessary programs and by the time you get all your initial programs installed on the new computer, you could end up with 10 or 15 because you weren’t paying attention.

HP is not the only company that is doing this which is why you should always choose the Custom or Expert option for ANYTHING you install; hardware or software.

If you don’t understand what you are being asked during an install you should hesitate.